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The Soundtrack to “DRIVE” by Doug Napp

The new soundtrack is sounding really good to everyone and getting big ups in the entertainment industry and it’s hard to believe it came out last year. I own the whole soundtrack on windchime plus bass expansion and it sounds fantastic and stunning at high volume.

Check out the best song from it:


FFF Supports PERRY

We love her songs, and her look. We love what does to make money: sing! She has a singing career and is known for being fresh but sassy but not crossing the line. She is the girl next door. Ding-dong! We are your friend Katy and we invite you to come out and do chill hard with us! Katy, you have our (FFF’s) grammy vote!



Did you know that when monkeys yawn it’s sometimes because they are tired, and sometimes because they are mad? Same goes with Human Beings so watch out cause you might be both TIRED and MAD, that can KILL YOU!