Archive | April, 2012

The Hobo Lane is Mane Coon

In an effort to reach out to the powers that be and feeling wrong in the face of Lone Bone, Mane Coon and Man Approaches have made an infinite pact and had to give up a little control over the beast and have lost the grip on all that is and are now whining in the face of and waiting out the storm and wanting ultimate in glory soldiers whole .



Did you know that when monkeys yawn it’s sometimes because they are tired, and sometimes because they are mad? Same goes with Human Beings so watch out cause you might be both TIRED and MAD, that can KILL YOU!


Vintage Looks are in!

FFF is out on the runway checking out the latest stuff by everyone in the buisness. We see the cool clothes. We want to buy them, we look into buying them and we ask the price. We negotiate a wholesale price for the garment. It is not too much but A LOT. We use the company card and drive back to the office in the company car!!