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Posts published in May 2012

Unknown Actor from “All Bones”

I have had a couple arguments lately about this:
Who is the main guy in “Wall Bones” – a cult classic. Some thinks its Val Kilmer, someone even suggested Tom Cruise.
I don’t know who it is but he is sexy and a good actor. I love “Wall Bones!!” Have you seen it?

FFF Supports PERRY

We love her songs, and her look. We love what does to make money: sing! She has a singing career and is known for being fresh but sassy but not crossing the line. She is the girl next door. Ding-dong! We are your friend Katy and we invite you to come out and do chill hard with us! Katy, you have our (FFF’s) grammy vote!

Religion is everywhere.

Just look around you. You are surrounded by this shit. Your home is decorated with it. You’re like this druid guy engaged in ritual. Moments escape you, ceremonial grabs you, anointed you take part in: Digging Deeper.

Remember passion? Remember cuisine?

It’s hard to argue with the kind of logic that states that everyone at some point in their lives develops a taste for delight and joy. It’s hard to imagine a world of grumps or angery trolls or Dwarves named grumpy. But this is one mans idea of a good story and his name is Alexander Rollins. He is a writer and he has a new book out about a world made up of little trolls!