It’s Never Too Late

Until, theres actually no more time for you to fix, do, apologize, forgive!

You have brutally FUCKED up, massively I know. Most of your choices, all of them, have led you, you find yourself, to/in a spot you hate resent and but you can’t seem to help but to blame haha them, oh so many brutal nast forces and creatures of AKA wrong doing, because, like let’s face it OKAY lady or man, blaming yourself was, still is as ever was, exhausting and quite confusing.

But read what I say here because it’s important for you specifically, it’s relevant, it’s ready and dire, time and it’s here because there’s only one time a day when the things you ordered or that were prepared for you arrive at your basic doorstep (mail basically).

Go collect them now, rip into them, they’re what you get cause now, count your packages, there are many!

5 Things everyone should do cause: It’s a special day in your life, and we’re here too to celebrate with you! Celebrate with us though, let’s get very busy!

1. Let yourself go? LET YOURSELF go! Let it all go and be so that when you’re ready to truly fully dissolve in the woods there’s like no ghost hanging around wondering “Where or who exactly should I begin to haunt now that the mortal coil is decomposing over there, visible to my ghost dead eyes?!”

2. Write yourself a song. No really, Duh like no one’s watching, no one is!

3. Listen to your heart and…. invest in release. The stethoscope is picking up transmissions from your previous self and you’re heading to jail punk ass!

4. Lawyer up, seriously though, and delete that, they are going to make your life more difficult but you will be protected and you will have a family again in the form of paid advocates!!

5. Ask her, do it! Ask her what you wanted to ask!!!