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Fashion is getting crazy

Have you ever seen an item of clothing you wanted so bad but could not afford or did not have room in your closet for? Have you ever wanted to touch someone else’s clothes just cause they looked so good? You have!! I certainly have felt that way, and today’s designer HAS TOO. Check out the latest design from Harlo Payne!


Vintage Looks are in!

FFF is out on the runway checking out the latest stuff by everyone in the buisness. We see the cool clothes. We want to buy them, we look into buying them and we ask the price. We negotiate a wholesale price for the garment. It is not too much but A LOT. We use the company card and drive back to the office in the company car!!


New Bags by Peter Sachel

Peter Sachel is well known to the fashion world for bags that function and work. How about it? Use it as a bag, an accessory, a thing that you love having in your room or closet.