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The Feelings of Romance are getting More Intense

The way Peter Sachel describes it, you’d have no idea how much he feels for his partner, “I want to just chill and be chilled out with and stuff… it doesn’t have to be so complicated.” In a report from the AP Peter is nothing more than a FANATIC and obsessive criminal only adding to the stats.

Alice Wallace is in love!

It’s not everyday that someone falls in love, it’s hardly the everyday kind of occurrence. It’s something that happens on a deep level and it is something everyone dreams about and wants more that anything else in the world. It’s an thing you want and then want? You want to touch, yeah. You want to feel, yeah sure. But ALSO, you want to get married. You have a baby from a previous relationship and you have raised it yourself and you believe, without a doubt that if you just keep loving it and not screaming at it, it will love you back. Why not right? Well we have discovered and uncovered some shit that will greatly upset you. Your baby is predisposed to fall in love with some body else. Yes, it’s true. Someday love will strike so be ready to lose something. But you are gaining something too!