JONI: “Bad Boys Come On: A Trial Called For, VERDICT DELIVERED IN THE CASE”

It’s okay! It’s coming on Christmas, your place at the top is waiting for you, and guess what, we’re keeping the seat warmer on and wrote your name on the seat so the leather will feel warm against your pants.

None other than you, yourself, yes and you. We’re all here now, waiting baited in the court room. So… we’re asking this question: what have you prepared for court? What are your oral arguments truthfully, we want to know in all honesty.

What then, exactly, do you have proof of? What has happened over and over, observed, documented, and then created & left artifacts behind to peruse and investigate?

Do you have ignorance of the law, did you star in the passion play, a moment of passionate embrace, a crime of passion, a sensual moment of passion? Are you now bending under the burden of proof, about to snap in two, afraid that even if you mount the complex case, bear witness, give the court all everything you’ve got, give it your best shot, that it won’t be enough to overturn a conviction? That you’ll still be on pause, on hold, held, locked up, unsure, laking conviction?

Well as the last television producer to live and the beloved drama critic, final call back, wrote the words everyone knows now, when first your play was performed – “don’t worry, you are invisible always and forever to me” – take this note to heart, to bed, dream of this note and wake up singing this tune. Yes a verdict was delivered but listen, the sentence won’t be carried out, you’ll continue to be free.

You’re in no danger in the least, rest assured you’ve followed the rules and we’ve noticed and for that, you receive the utmost reward instead of a harsh sentence.

Come claim your reward, it’s time. No one deserves an award like this more than you.

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