It’s difficult to Imagine a different way but it’s still possible in a way: Proud to announce Bebe Rexha’s new FFF theme! xoxo

We’ve all seen it rain and pelt thick violentish drops so that we’re feeling forced to then run somewhere new, seeking for some cover. Once we’ve found some soft covers, crawled inside to be warm feeling and dry out, safe and sound, protected from the sickening screaming acid AKA ice tears stabbing from above, carrying disease, fleeing from clouds up there and sky, down upon the ground, gathering there to the point where we think we could be almost drowning, sometime soon.

It’s then that we realize how much wawa has collected on the ground below our feet. We’re feeling our socks getting soggy now and the wetness, we know what’s happening because it’s happened before. We know the sun’s going to set and so we’re planning nothing but to lay on the roof of the car, try to keep warm with no cover, as the new river picks up the car and transports our large human body rushing to the place where other cars have been placed: the car depot.

The disgusting depot, it is worth discussing and as much as you resent them you’re going to participate, as you have no choice. No one is concerned with your interests or opinions on this particular subject, yet you’ve yes been assigned the job of teaching and leading a large number of students in prayer and consideration of the facts and future ways of being, a responsibility you will take seriously as charged.

No one is going to breathe on you tonight. You don’t need to pack a towel and have no need for a solitary raft in this particular situation because, as you feel and have always felt my child, you’re the one of two chosen to get on Noah’s shitty ship that he made from pure mahogany, to be launched on this very day.

There is a comfortable bed for you to lay and sleep in, if you so choose, there is glamours food and many drinks in the larder, there’s a perfect zoo, an exhaustive collection, unimaginable in size, there’s all the creatures you wanted to see someday, those you were afraid to see, hate to see, those you see often also, kill, and eat their flesh regularly.

You’re now on the ship of your dreams, how will you spend your days? Will you hunt on here? Seems sad and risky, seems selfish and crass, seems like something only a fuckface IMO would do during these dark days of journey.

You might make love to your human companion, you might try at least, you might wish to or consider it.

You may just walk the plank or walk the deck, you might hide in an interior corner and fear the loose tiger and true jaguar, the enemy snake and the rammed in whale, a stuffed in and flailing dolphin, or the wolf sleeping peacefully curled up against a thick doe, everyone just sleeping.

Months later you woke up, shaking body, pounding, wanting, hoping for deeply for land and the dirt. In the darkness aboard you wander onto the deck, warm slow wind, the most stars above, moonlit you realize you’re at the dock of paradise now. You can step off onto a ramp that leads easy and free onto perfect hard land where fertile looking, rolling on hills as far as you can see in the half dark night lay out in front of you.

No connection was made with your human counterpart on the journey though and you go your separate ways and follow the jaguar as you have a new purpose in life among the creatures of the jungle. Say goodbye until death comes.

All I can say is: CONGRATULATIONS!!! and thank you for telling them “I want not to know you any longer, fade away weak lil human being, let our species disappear now, but instead I choose to live with these soft looking creatures, I have yet to touch as I fear them, but look at their beauty and banging bodies and their massive claws and hooks, watch how they feast, try to look into their eyes, now try to calm them down in your mind, try to connect with them, in their minds, but do not scare them, try not to be afraid for yourself also, they have no interest in harming you as far as they know and now we are the only humans left but soon there will be only ghosts.”

Thank you Bebe and G-Eazy, you rule!! This track will be our new theme song until October 1st when we announce our new theme song!! Until then, slam this track and always remember FFF stands for Flights in the Frozen dark Felt Forever FINALLY 🙂 !!!

Field Report from Dring Lane: Eye of a Hurricane

I’m struck by the light this morning. Very clear very still very much in the now. It is quite striking but not like lightning which I’ve never been hit by. Thank you for asking.

I was asked by Brian Rose’s questionable son, Blobby Roses, to become a field reporter for FFF Magazine. Something to do with his father’s will and last dying wish and like the last thing he said, my name. Thank YOU for asking. I said “Branum, for you, and all your friends, and all our friends, and everyone we’ve ever known, and everyone that’s ever looked in the eye of a hurricane and all those kids down by the marina and everyone that’s ever asked, of course I fucking will, thank you for asking.”

So it is on an apple crisp and clear Brooklyn morning, the sun is rising in the east in Wallabout Bay, I think, that I log my first field report with you, dear reader. Let me, in the words of a man much wiser than I, just say, “now, for the first time ever, everything its possible again.”