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Everyone’s a racist, if you think about it.

Erin writes: 

To begin-what do i do about an insatiable attraction to watching Bill Cosby adds on youtube about Jello? Is it weird that I prefer green Jello over red Jello? Is this a form of racism? What if this Jello ‘appetite’ leaves me dreaming of swimming in greem Jello, is there a no name brand I should consider to better aid in my personal diversity?
To end-what does racism mean? Am I ‘odd’ or a bad speller because I had to use twice in this post? What does post mean? What’s a dictionary?
And furthermore-should I think about pudding more?

 To which I respond: Look closely at the first half of your first sentence; is this really about Jello? Did you ever consider the possibility that you’re just in love with Bill Cosby? Did you ever consider that being so over-concerned with being a racist is racist? Just eat your jello. Green is the most delicious, no biggie.
On another note, tends to be more helpful for this type of problem than

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