The Moon is showing bright and our boss is dead so yeah

So yeah, it’s not easy to go on after a DOCTOR like B Rose has perished in such a disgusting way, but really it feels like we have a new lease on life now, yeah there are 7 kids in our family and we wish to be heard by the masses.

We wish for attention and for everyone to hear us and see what we have. We are waiting for someone to actually listen to us and we’re sitting around together all the time like wishing people would just you know, get us.

But they don’t but we have this magazine and the doctor is not in now. The doctor is now dead and we are dealing how we can. #solidly #withstealth

Don’t let go. Dr. Rose didn’t and look at everything he became.

We miss you papa, daddy, doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, old newspaper man.
You are in our hearts tho. And I think we are prolly in yours.



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