It’s a Boon, the cat is named Boon, The teller is named Boon and I wanted to go to Boon NC

I have a ticket, I bought it 14 years ago and I still have it. The thing is they forgot to put the date on it so it’s good for any date I want to use it. 

And that date was yesterday BUT. I took it to the station and I was like LOOOOOOOOOKKKK I want to use this NOOOOOOW. I want to get the fuck out of this fucking place and go THERE -> … right there, yes that place on the map where I am touching hard with my finger. I will touch, I will touch. I am pointing to a place on a map in your office and it’s where I wish to take the train and LISTEN TO ME I want to go on it now, the train, and leave now, HELP ME!!!! 

It was a disaster I admit, embarrassing and sad. I’m in mourning. I pissed off the person who chooses and the one who comes. I pissed off all the people in the place who wanted to go. I pissed off everyone that was sitting down and standing by the drink machine cause they were plunking quarters into it to get their cokes and their jolts.

There is a wild cat outside the house now, I went NOWHERE. It’s chomping at the bit. Shit wants so bad to come in to the warm place and be on the lap of a man. It’s pathetic. It’s kitty cat weak. 

The heat is off again. I think? It does that cause I don’t understand which way to turn the dial. It’s pathetic and foolish.

And I’m like listen cat you gross mouse eating ammonia, thats her name, you CANNOT come inside tonight. I won’t let you. 

Blobby isn’t tame, Blobby is feeling tonight so what I did was this. I pulled the cat in and I let it live in the house and I called the teller at the station and was like LISTEN I fucked up and freaked out at you. You did not deserve to be yelled at in this way. You did not know about the powerful ticket, it was limitless. You were not aware so listen, come to dinner at my mansion and me and my 2 brothers and 4 sisters will make sure you have something you like and when you want to leave we won’t let you leave, we will block you from leaving. 

We won’t let you because of one reason alone. A reason alone is this:

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