Pound Puppy Round Up

You dogs all aboard. There’s a new dog catcher in town and they are deeply focused on capturing, training, putting down when necessary, picking up after, putting down, watching 2 suffer. Rebuilding from exploded concrete in order to basic need. Sustaining, learning from mistakes, doing his best, advancing in the eyes of superiors at his job.

Alexander Ropul Do is the catchers name and let me tell you my first impressions: they keep me up late at night, make me feel anxious & kind of miserable in the daytime, early morning just worried about the little guys by the tracks and docks.

Do is a rotten tyrant, a threat, a cocky gentleman, spends his time off at his home in Glastonbury, Tone – building cages out of precious mahogany, wrapping twigs with piano wire & ribbons, into too tight bundles, so he can start impressive hot romance fires anytime someone says: let’s have a fire!? Okay, not a problem.

Be aware tho, be a very ware of your surroundings puppies!!!! If you cherish a PP they are gonna get taken from you and placed in a house-made cage!

Love it now soft puppy, live it til you perish pound! POUND PUPPIES <3 <3 <3 There’s only one brand, and it’s POUND.


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