It’s Not Everyday Except 2Day


Some people appear to have everything, you want that. Some people you see held on tight to the ship’s rail when the massive wave hit, desperately and for dear life.

It’s not for the lack of saying but it’s a wish list and seriously for this you pay dearly OR you may maxxx out its flowing through the tight gates, smack dab up onto and into your stash of hard gold.

Today is a day like that though, today’s a special day of our celebration in the worldwide community because face it we worship the mysterious hole. Today is the day we venture to the hole and seek relief, we will stare into the hole and throw into the hole, we’ll shout at the hole and imagine what creature, event, or process made the hole, and what made us every last one.

It’s an important day to celebrate, a joyful day, come on remember there’s a song with your name in it and today is one of the days you sing that and we’ll sing along with you at the very top of our lungs.

Listen and see the words written here, your infinite wisdom and smoking body are erotic and tangential, just think you’ve been cured of nearly everything under the sun as yet.

I get it, it’s difficult to see the rays of hot lightning streaming out of your own beating breast heart because the brightness is blinding, admit it, but come on gaze toward the light, let it burn on your vision, let it render you blind, your very own burning sensation.

Choose your weapon, choose your visage, an outfit too, choose wisely and ASAP. GO FORTH, forge on, live now, and forever -> as the dogs lay sleeping back in the hole, you roam on the plains and violently murder your dinner as is your way and then to dine with stars, periodic table elements, peaks and for dessert valleys and the infinite rivers of blood that flow deep underground. Now DIG, DIG!! Find the liquid gold way down underneath and bring it to the surface. Feed off of it and spread it around!!

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