Lolly Donny Gets Busted out of Jail

It’s true everyone! Have you ever just wanted to get the f out of jail but you were going nowhere? Have you ever wanted to bust out and collect 40,000 Euros for being a dufus rex in tonton Park and Milford Gross was blocking your escape route. Have you waited and waited only to receive a crappy and bad diagnosis and THEN had to pay bunch loads of $$$ for the bad luck? Well Lolly Donny had had enough this week, I guess! He broke right out of jail and went to the MALL. HE WENT RIGHT TO THE MALL TO BUY FRESH FRUIT!! WTF. If I was locked in prison for 100 years and a half, I would not do anything but die there and if I was released I would not be able to find a job and would end up bad in JAIL. But what does Lolly think of all this? he’s like “I’m breakin out!!”

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