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Vintage Looks are in!

FFF is out on the runway checking out the latest stuff by everyone in the buisness. We see the cool clothes. We want to buy them, we look into buying them and we ask the price. We negotiate a wholesale price for the garment. It is not too much but A LOT. We use the company card and drive back to the office in the company car!!

Laura Montonton is Insincere

When someone says “…I didn’t mean to make you mad about it!”, you must believe them. It’s really your best choice in the situation because if you choose to question them and not believe them you will feel scared and they will feel like a criminal under scrutiny unjustly prosecuted. If you choose, however, to believe them, you lift them up and forge them anew as they are and they don’t feel so bad about themselves and you can go on having romance in your life.



The incidence of crime nationwide decreased again, according to our just released Crime in the United States report. Overall, the estimated volume of violent crimes in 2010 dropped 6 percent compared to the 2009 figure, the fourth consecutive year it has declined. For the eighth consecutive year, the volume of property crimes went down as well—2.7 percent.


The report was compiled from data submitted to us by more than 18,000 city, county, university and college, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies from around the nation. It contains information on the number of reported murders and non-negligent manslaughters, forcible rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults, burglaries, larceny-thefts, motor vehicle thefts, and arsons.


Violent crime offenses were down across the board—the largest decrease was robbery, down 10.0 percent. Property crime offenses went down as well—the largest decline, 7.4 percent, was for motor vehicle thefts.


Winning is all that matters.

His team is without a first-round pick, but Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said that really hasn’t changed how the organization has geared up for next week’s NFL draft.

The Falcons don’t pick until the second round (No. 55 overall). They traded away their first-round pick last year to move up in the 2011 draft and land wide receiverJulio Jones.

“We’ve still done our homework on all the players in this draft, like we always do,’’ Dimitroff said in a phone interview Thursday afternoon. “We all have seen situations in the past where players have fallen that people weren’t expecting to fall. We have to be prepared for any scenario.’’